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The Ultimate Hits Collection With Three Brand New Songs
Produced By Legendary Record Producer Trevor Horn Including “This Is The Love” Their First North American Single Since The 80s

Available October 14
“Spandau Ballet played their first U.S. show in 28 years [at SXSW]
and it cannot be overstated: they slayed.” – Entertainment Weekly

LOS ANGELES – Spandau Ballet take a look back at the definitive tracks from their career, along with three newly recorded songs, for the ultimate hits collection THE STORY…, available on CD and digitally on October 14 from Parlophone.

As the band’s upcoming feature length documentary for cinema Soul Boys Of The Western World shows they were not just about music, they were the epicenter fashion, youth culture and spoke for an audience who previously had no voice.

In the early 80s Spandau Ballet were the “In Crowd’s” band. They ushered in a new era of visually dominated pop and their mechanical, stylized sound was born and bred on the dance floors of London’s West End. They were Bowie Kids, Blitz Kids, and white soul boys embracing electronica, frilly shirts, and tuxedos.

Spandau spearheaded an era of new pop that was destined to traverse the globe. Along with Duran Duran, Sade, Culture Club, and Wham!, as well as dozens of other British groups who grew out of the new romantic scene at the end of the Seventies. By the mid-80s, Spandau were global superstars.

Spandau became one of the most commercially successful bands of the decade, and during their career they notched up 23 hit singles and spent a combined total of in excess of 500 weeks in the UK charts, achieving album sales of over 25 million worldwide. Some of their songs, like “True,” “Gold,” and “Through the Barricades,” have become standards. “True” has now achieved over four million plays in North America alone and “Gold” was the true soundtrack to the London 2012 Olympics.

Spandau Ballet lasted ten years; a career that spanned the nightclubs of Soho and Ibiza to Hollywood and the stadiums of Europe and Australia. They defined the decade, they came, they saw, they partied. And then they left.

To paraphrase “True,” ‘and then they came back again’ with the hugely successful sell out Reformation Tour of 2009/10. It was during this time that work began on Soul Boys Of The Western World. The film documents the late 70s and 80s in a way that’s never been seen on screen before and tells the story of five friends who just happened to be in a globally successful band.

The film was rapturously received by critics when it world premiered at SXSW film festival earlier this year and UK and Irish fans will get their opportunity to see the film on September 30 when the European premiere at the Royal Albert Hall is beamed by satellite into over 200 cinemas across both countries along with a Q&A with the band and director George Hencken moderated by Lauren Laverne, followed by a short live performance by the band.

THE STORY… pulls together all the band’s greatest songs as well as three brand new songs – “This Is The Love,” the band’s first North American single in 30 years, “Steal” and “Soul Boy,” all recorded especially for the album with the legendary Trevor Horn, whom the band last worked with on “Instinction” way back in 1982.
THE STORY… is the ultimate Spandau Ballet album…. so far.

Track Listing

1. “To Cut A Long Story Short”
2. “The Freeze”
3. “Musclebound”
4. “Chant No.1”
5. “Instinction”
6. “Lifeline”
7. “Communication”
8. “True”
9. “Gold”
10. “Only When You Leave”
11. “I’ll Fly For You”
12. “Highly Strung”
13. “Round and Round”
14. “Fight For Ourselves”
15. “Through The Barricades”
16. “Once More”
17. “This Is The Love” (new song - single)
18. “Steal” (new song)
19. “Soul Boy” (new song)

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