Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (Thank U Edition)

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Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (Thank U Edition)

2-LP Reissue Of Singer-Songwriter’s Multi-Platinum 1998 Album Features New Cover Art And Arrives On September 6 

Exclusive Transparent Crystal Clear-Vinyl Version Available At Select Retailers

New Digital Deluxe Edition With Rare Bonus Tracks And 

“Uninvited” Freemasons Remix Available Today


LOS ANGELES—Alanis Morissette’s multi-platinum album Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and Rhino is celebrating with a 2-LP reissue featuring newly reimagined artwork and a digital deluxe edition with rare bonus tracks plus a brand new remix of “Uninvited” by electronic duo, Freemasons.


On September 6, Rhino will release SUPPOSED FORMER INFATUATION JUNKIE (THANK U EDITION) as a double album on black vinyl.  A crystal clear-vinyl version will also be available exclusively at select retailers and 


Today, a new digital deluxe edition of the album is available through various DSPs. It has the original 17 tracks plus four bonus songs, including two B-sides, an outtake, and a demo and brand new Freemasons remix of “Uninvited,” a song written for the 1998 film City of Angels that won two GRAMMY® Awards.


Reuniting with Jagged Little Pill producer Glen Ballard, Morissette recorded Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie in Los Angeles. The album explores a range of musical styles and lyrical themes, including the Grammy®-nominated Top 20 hit “Thank U,” which was inspired by her recent trip to India. 


Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie reached No. 1 in several countries, including the U.S., and was a Top 10 hit on multiple charts around the world. In America, the album is certified triple platinum and once held the record for the highest opening-week sales by a female artist.



2-LP Track Listing


LP One: Side One

  1. “Front Row”
  2. “Baba”
  3. “Thank U”
  4. “Are You Still Mad”


Side Two

  1. “Sympathetic Character”
  2. “That I Would Be Good”
  3. “The Couch”
  4. “Can’t Not”


LP Two: Side One

  1. “UR”
  2. “I Was Hoping”
  3. “One”
  4. “Would Not Come”


Side Two

  1. “Unsent”
  2. “So Pure”
  3. “Joining You”
  4. “Heart Of The House”
  5. “Your Congratulations”



Track Listing

  1. “Front Row”
  2. “Baba”
  3. “Thank U”
  4. “Are You Still Mad”
  5. “Sympathetic Character”
  6. “That I Would Be Good”
  7. “The Couch”
  8. “Can’t Not”
  9. “UR”
  10. “I Was Hoping”
  11. “One”
  12. “Would Not Come”
  13. “Unsent”
  14. “So Pure”
  15. “Joining You”
  16. “Heart Of The House”
  17. “Your Congratulations”
  18. “Pollyanna Flower”
  19. “These Are The Thoughts”
  20. “Death Of Cinderella”
  21. “Uninvited” – Demo
  22. “Uninvited” (Freemasons Remix)

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