Super Freak: The Last Days of Rick James (Single Notes)

Artist Name
Davin Seay
Release Date

LOS ANGELES – Warner Music Group (WMG) recently launched SINGLE NOTES, a new line of short form, digital-only books about music and pop culture, with five titles on the Rhino imprint. Following launch, every week will see a new SINGLE NOTES release, each available as a digital download starting at $1.99 on the iBookstore and Amazon’s Kindle store.

The next round of SINGLE NOTES ebooks focus on the last days of Rick James (out June 19), adoration for Iggy Pop and The Stooges (out June 26), and the lasting legacy of Soft Cell (out July 3). Each ebook includes newly designed cover art and also features links to purchase music specific to artists or genres covered in the book.

To mark the debut of SINGLE NOTES, the ebook “My Life In The Ghost of Planets: The Story of a CBGB Almost-Was,” is available now for a limited time as a free download on the iBookstore and Amazon’s Kindle store. The book, written by The Planets’ Binky Philips, paints a picture of bad timing and missed opportunities in the ‘70s New York City rock scene from the frontman of the most revered CBGBs act you’ve never heard of.

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“Super Freak: The Last Days of Rick James” by bestselling author Davin Seay details a freewheeling, unrepentant confessional with “The Dark Prince Of Funk” that, for all its shocking and scabrous details, revealed both his surprising place in music history and the unexpectedly poignant side of a man who paid the ultimate price for fame…and never looked back. Available June 19.