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New Order
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LOS ANGLESE - Today, New Order are delighted to announce a remastered set of formats of Substance 1987, released via Warner on November 10. The 2023 collection will be available in 2LP, 2CD, 4CD deluxe edition, 2LP colored vinyl and 2 cassettes. Also being made available are reissues of the 12” singles "True Faith," "True Faith Remix" and "Blue Monday 88."

Originally released via the legendary Factory Records, Substance compiled all of the band's singles to that point in their 12” versions with many of their respective B-sides (on the CD and cassette versions), and specially new recorded versions of "Temptation" and "Confusion." The album also included the biggest selling 12” single of all time, "Blue Monday," alongside other classic singles "The Perfect Kiss," "Bizarre Love Triangle" and the band’s debut single release "Ceremony." 

The album is the band’s biggest selling to date, with over one million copies sold, going platinum in the US with a Top 5 hit on "True Faith" which was accompanied by the seminal video, directed by French choreographer Philippe Decouflé. 

This new remastered collection includes double vinyl album, double CD with B-sides, double cassette and an expanded 4CD collection. The 4CD version includes the original 2CD set remastered with two additional CDs. CD3 expands the collection with alternate versions and extra B-sides. CD4 features an unreleased concert, Live from Irvine Meadows, California, 12th September 1987, where the band uniquely played the entire album in sequence. 

Substance 1987 remaster will also be available on 2LP - blue/red color vinyl (retail exclusive) and double cassette – (New Order Store exclusive). 





1.              Ceremony

2.              Everything’s Gone Green

3.              Temptation 87

4.              Blue Monday        

5.              Confusion 87           

6.              Thieves Like Us

7.              The Perfect Kiss

8.              Sub-Culture 

9.              Shellshock

10.            State Of The Nation

11.            Bizarre Love Triangle

12.            True Faith



1.              In A Lonely Place

2.              Procession

3.              Cries And Whispers

4.              Hurt

5.              The Beach

6.              Confused Instrumental

7.              Lonesome Tonight

8.              Murder

9.              Thieves Like Us Instrumental

10.            Kiss Of Death

11.            Shame Of The Nation

12.            1963


CD 3

1.               Ceremony (Original)

2.               Mesh

3.               Temptation (12”)

4.               Confusion (Original 12”)

5.               Dub Vulture

6.               Shellcock

7.               Bizarre Dub Triangle

8.               True Dub

9.               Confusion (Dub 87)

10.            True Faith (Remix)



CD 4

Live from Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, California 1987 

1.            Ceremony

2.            Everything’s Gone Green

3.            Temptation 87 

4.            Blue Monday

5.            Confusion 87

6.            Thieves Like Us

7.            The Perfect Kiss

8.            Sub-culture

9.            Shellshock

10.          State Of The Nation

11.          Bizarre Love Triangle

12.          True Faith



Cassette 1

A1         Ceremony

A2         Everything's Gone Green

A3         Temptation 87

A4         Blue Monday

A5         Confusion 87

A6        Thieves Like Us

A7         Murder


B1         The Perfect Kiss

B2         Sub-culture

B3         Shellshock

B4         State Of The Nation

B5         Bizarre Love Triangle 

B6         True Faith


Cassette 2

C1        In A Lonely Place

C2        Procession

C3        Mesh

C4        Cries And Whispers

C5        Hurt

C6        The Beach

C7        Confusion Instrumental

C8        Lonesome Tonight


D1        Thieves Like Us Instrumental

D2        The Kiss Of Death

D3        Dub Vulture 

D4        Shellcock

D5        Shame Of The Nation

D6        Bizarre Dub Triangle 

D7        1963



Side 1

1. Ceremony

2. Everything’s Gone Green

3. Temptation 87


Side 2 

4. Blue Monday        

5. Confusion 87           

6. Thieves Like Us


Side 3 

1. The Perfect Kiss

2. Sub-culture 

3. Shellshock


Side 4 

4. State Of The Nation

5. Bizarre Love Triangle

6. True Faith



1.     True Faith

2.     True Faith Remix

3.     Blue Monday 88


About New Order 

From the ashes of legendary band Joy Division, New Order triumphed over tragedy to emerge as one of the most influential and acclaimed bands of all time.

After Ian Curtis tragically took his own life, Bernard Sumner (keyboardist and guitarist), Peter Hook (bassist) and Stephen Morris (drummer) re-formed the same year as New Order, with the addition of Gillian Gilbert (keyboardist and guitarist) and Sumner taking over as vocalist.

Their debut Movement (1981) was over shadowed by the sound of Joy Division; going forward the band combined post-punk with influences from New York’s club scene, the result was Power, Corruption & Lies (1983). 1983 also saw the release of “Blue Monday” which became the best-selling 12-inch single of all time, selling over 3 million copies worldwide.

New Order then released the albums Low-Life (1985), Brotherhood (1986), Substance (1987) and Technique (1989). Between several brief hiatuses and line-up alterations, Republic (1993), Get Ready (2001) and Waiting for the Sirens’ Call (2005) came out, before Peter Hook’s departure in 2007.

Phil Cunningham joined the band in 2001, followed by Tom Chapman as bass player in 2011.

The band released their critically acclaimed tenth studio album Music Complete in 2015 featuring guest vocals from Iggy Pop, Brandon Flowers and Elly Jackson of La Roux. 

Never resting on their legacy, New Order continue to perform live around the world, playing some of the biggest shows of their career to date, headlining Manchester’s Heaton Park and London’s O2 in 2021 and a US arena tour with the Pet Shop Boys in Autumn 2022.