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Pet Shop Boys
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Special 30th Anniversary Release Of Album Previously Unavailable For Decades

New Limited-Edition 1LP And 1CD Available October 20

Originally Released In 1993 Part Of The Very Relentless Double Album


LOS ANGELES - Pet Shop Boys announce the upcoming release of Relentless – a special limited edition issue to celebrate the 30th anniversary of an album that occupies a legendary status in their catalog.

Pet Shop Boys’ fifth studio album, Very, was released in September 1993 to massive acclaim and success (the singles preceded the album “Can You Forgive Her?” and “Go West,” still two of the duo’s most popular songs today). It charted at No.1 in the UK, and all five singles entered the UK Top 20.

A limited edition of the record, Very Relentless, was also released, including a six-track dance album, Relentless, which was available at the same time as a rare standalone vinyl album, limited to just 500 copies, with the six tracks spread over three 12” singles. This swiftly became one of the most sought-after Pet Shop Boys artifacts.

The six tracks on Relentless have not been available since the original release.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Relentless will now be released in various formats, including a limited-edition yellow vinyl complete with new artwork, available exclusively via the Pet Shop Boys’ store, as well as a 1-CD and an online digital release. All are available on October 20 via Parlophone. 

Pet Shop Boys commented: “This album was an experiment for us 30 years ago with its six new extended dance tracks. We’re very proud of it and delighted it’s now getting the stand-alone release it deserves.”




1.  My Head Is Spinning                       

2.  Forever in Love                                 

3.  KDX 125                                            

4.  We Came from Outer Space            

5. The Man Who Has Everything          

6.  One Thing Leads to Another