Miles Davis RUBBERBAND EP Available On Record Store Day From Rhino

Artist Name
Miles Davis
Release Date


12" Vinyl 4-track EP (45rpm)
Available On Record Store Day 2018 From Rhino

The First Listen From The Lost Miles Davis Rubberband Sessions
Arrives Three Decades Later With Newly Recorded Vocals From Ledisi

In 1985, Miles Davis shocked the music world by moving from Columbia Records to Warner Bros. Records and started recording Rubberband. This album marked a radical departure for him, with funk and soul grooves, and was to include vocals by Al Jarreau and Chaka Khan. Produced by Davis, Randy Hall and Zane Giles, the line-up boasted Davis on trumpet and keyboards, keyboardists Adam Holzman, Neil Larsen and Wayne Linsey, percussionist Steve Reid, saxophonist Glen Burris, and Davis's nephew Vince Wilburn Jr., on drums. Engineered by Reggie Dozier (brother of Lamont Dozier, part of the legendary Motown songwriting team), the Rubberband sessions took place at Ameraycan Studios in Los Angeles from October 1985 to January 1986.

The album was subsequently shelved and Davis went on to record Tutu.

"It was fat grooves, really funky, Miles talking. It was street and funky and dirty. We didn't go after writing a great jazz song, Miles wanted the street thing; he wanted the chord changes he wanted to play. The basis was to take it to the street like On The Corner, it was Miles taking more chances," said Hall. Giles added, "Miles kept saying 'I don't wanna do my usual stuff. I wanna do something different.'"

32 years after Rubberband was recorded, the original producers, Hall and Giles, teamed up with Davis' nephew, Vince Wilburn, Jr., to finish and update the title track. In September 2017, they invited the 12-time Grammy nominee soulful singer Ledisi, appearing courtesy of Verve Label Group, to guest on vocals at the Village Studios in Los Angeles. The sessions, co-produced by Anthony "Mac Nass" Loffman and Arthur Haynes for SmashSound Syndicate, together with the original title track, will be released as a 45rpm vinyl 12" EP on Record Store Day 2018.

The cover artwork is a painting by Davis, courtesy of Miles Davis Properties L.L.C.

Side A:
1. Rubberband Of Life featuring Ledisi (Radio Edit) 4:20
2. Rubberband Of Life featuring Ledisi 5:43

Side B:
1. Rubberband Of Life (Instrumental) 5:39
2. Rubberband (Original Version) 6:30

Side A, tracks 1 and 2, and Side B, track 1:
Producers: Randy Hall, Attala Zane Giles, Vince Wilburn Jr.
Co-produced by Anthony "Mac Nass" Loffman and Arthur Haynes for Smash Sound Syndicate
Side B, track 2:
Producers: Miles Davis, Randy Hall, Attala Zane Giles.

Executive Producers: Vince Wilburn Jr., Erin Davis, Cheryl Davis and Darryl Porter for Miles Davis Properties, LLC
Ledisi appears courtesy of Verve Label Group

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