Marillion Afraid Of Sunlight To Be Released As 4CD/Blu-Ray Deluxe Set On November 1

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4CD/Blu-ray Deluxe Edition Of The Band’s Acclaimed Eight Studio Album

Includes New Mixes, Unheard Studio Outtakes, Unreleased Live Tracks,

Plus A New Documentary And Interviews With The Band About The Album

Available On November 1st

When released in June 1995, Marillion earned critical acclaim with Afraid of Sunlight – the band’s eighth studio album and final release on EMI. The album peaked at #16 in the U.K. and introduced fans to the Top 30 hit, “Beautiful.” 

Parlophone will revisit this neo-progressive classic on November 1st with of AFRAID OF SUNLIGHT: DELUXE EDITION, a 4CD/Blu-ray set. The audio will also be available the same day through digital and streaming services. The collection opens with a new version of Afraid of Sunlight that was remixed earlier this year by Michael Hunter. The CD version also includes the original mix by the album’s producer Dave Meegan. 

The set also includes a live recording of Marillion performing at the Rotterdam Ahoy arena on September 29, 1995 during the group’s tour supporting Afraid of Sunlight. Six of the songs were originally released on the double live album Made Again (1996), 

The show’s set list spans the band’s entire career with “Garden Party” from its 1983 debut Script for a Jester’s Tear; “Kayleigh” from Misplaced Childhood (1985); “Incommunicado” from Clutching at Straws (1987); “No One Can” from Holidays In Eden (1991); and “The Great Escape” from Brave (1994). The concert also features performances of several tracks from Afraid of Sunlight, including “Cannibal Surf Babe,” “Gazpacho” and the single “Beautiful.” 

The Blu-ray features the album’s original 1995 mix along with several new mixes (48/24 LPCM Stereo Remix; 48/24 DTS 5.1 Mix; 48/24 LPCM 5.1 Mix). Video content includes interviews with the band discussing the album, a new documentary about Afraid of Sunlight, and a promo film for “Beautiful.” 

The Blu-ray disc also collects the nine bonus recordings from the remastered edition of the album that was released in 1999, plus 17 previously unreleased songs that include studio jams and early versions of Afraid of Sunlight tracks like “Beyond You,” “King,” “Out Of This World” and “Beautiful.” 

Marillion are on tour in the UK and Europe November/December 2019 including two nights at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall. Tour dates can be found at

4CD/Blu-ray Track Listing:

Disc One: Afraid Of Sunlight (2019 Michael Hunter Remix)
1.      Gazpacho
2.      Cannibal Surf Babe
3.      Beautiful
4.      Afraid Of Sunrise
5.      Out Of This World
6.      Afraid Of Sunlight
7.      Beyond You
8.      King

Disc Two: Afraid Of Sunlight (1995 Original Mike Meegan Mix)
1.      Gazpacho
2.      Cannibal Surf Babe
3.      Beautiful
4.      Afraid Of Sunrise
5.      Out Of This World
6.      Afraid Of Sunlight
7.      Beyond You
8.      King

Disc Three: Live In Rotterdam (September 29, 1995)
1.      Intro (Skater’s Waltz) *
2.      Incommunicado *
3.      Hooks In You 
4.      Gazpacho *
5.      Icon *
6.      Beautiful
7.      Hotel Hobbies *
8.      White Russian *
9.      Easter *
10.   Mad *
11.   Opium Den *
12.   Hard As Love *
13.   The Hollow Man *
Disc Four: Live In Rotterdam (September 29, 1995)
1.      Kayleigh
2.      Lavender *
3.      Afraid Of Sunlight
4.      Cannibal Surf Babe *
5.      Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven) *
6.      Slainte Mhath *
7.      King
8.      Splintering Heart *
9.      No One Can *
10.   The Great Escape *
11.   The Uninvited Guest *
12.   Garden Party *
Disc Five: Blu-Ray
Afraid Of Sunlight (2019 Michael Hunter Remix) 
-            48/ 24 LPCM Stereo Remix
-            48/ 24 DTS 5.1 Mix
-            48/ 24 LPCM 5.1 Mix

Afraid Of Sunlight: Documentary 
Promo Film: “Beautiful”

1999 Remaster Bonus Tracks
1.      Icon
2.      Live Forever
3.      Second Chance
4.      Beyond You (Demo)
5.      Cannibal Surf Babe
6.      Out Of This World
7.      Bass Frenzy
8.      Mirages (Demo)
9.      Afraid of Sunlight (Acoustic Demo)
Jams & Early Versions
10.   Ascending Synth Groove *
11.   Velvet Lawn *
12.   Building Guitar *
13.   Band of Gold *
14.   Gazpacho (Early Version) *
15.   Surfer Bass *
16.   Cannibal Surf (Early Version) *
17.   Beautiful (Early Version) *
18.   KD Lang *
19.   Out Of This World (Early Version) *
20.   Afraid of Sunlight (Early Version) *
21.   Beyond You (Early Version) *
22.   Crunchy Guitar Idea *
23.   Deep Purple Vibe *
24.   Watery Guitar *
25.   King (Early Version) *
26.   Happy Accidents *

* previously unreleased

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