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Career Retrospective In-Stores Now As Norwegian
Trio Marks 25th Anniversary With Final World Tour

Double-Disc Deluxe Editions Of Group’s First Two Albums
Available In June Exclusively At Rhino.com

LOS ANGELES – After nine albums, an iconic music video, and sales of more than 36 million worldwide, a-ha is celebrating its 25-year anniversary in 2010 with the Norwegian trio’s final tour, a globe-spanning jaunt the band has dubbed “Ending On a High Note.” Expected to cover four continents and 15 countries, the tour includes shows in New York City (5/6, 5/7 and 5/8), Chicago (5/13) and Los Angeles (5/15 and 5/16).

Rhino Records joins the ongoing celebration with THE SINGLES: 1984-2004, a retrospective – available in the U.S. for the first time – that features 19 a-ha singles. The collection is available now at all retail outlets, including www.rhino.com, for a suggested list price of $18.98 (CD) and $11.99 (digital).

THE SINGLES opens with the group’s signature #1 smash “Take On Me,” features the Top 20 hit “The Sun Always Shines On T.V.,” Top 20 dance chart hit “Cry Wolf,” Bond theme “The Living Daylights,” and fan favorites “Crying In The Rain” and “Manhattan Skyline.” The compilation contains selections from all seven of a-ha’s Warner Bros. albums: Hunting High And Low (1985), Scoundrel Days (1986), Stay On These Roads (1988), East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon (1990), Memorial Beach (1992), Minor Earth Major Sky (2000) and Lifelines (2002).

Beyond the musical overview presented by THE SINGLES, Rhino.com will also offer fans extended versions of a-ha’s first two albums – HUNTING HIGH AND LOW and SCOUNDREL DAYS. These double-disc collections feature the original recordings expanded with unreleased and rare demos, alternate mixes and live recordings. Each Deluxe Edition is available for pre-order on May 11 exclusively at www.rhino.com for a suggested list price of $24.98. The albums are expected to begin shipping in late June.

The deluxe version of HUNTING HIGH AND LOW uncovers several rare and unreleased gems such as the original 7” version of “Take On Me” and an early demo version of the same song called “Lesson One”; demos for “The Sun Always Shines On T.V.,” “Train Of Thought,” and the title track as well as fan favorite B-side “Driftwood.”

The extended version of SCOUNDREL DAYS contains demos or alternate versions of each album track; the B-side “This Alone Is Love”; as well as unreleased live performances of “Train Of Thought,” “I’ve Been Losing You,” “Blue Sky” and “Cry Wolf” recorded in England.

THE SINGLES: 1984-2004
1. “Take On Me”
2. “The Sun Always Shines On T.V.”
3. “Train Of Thought”
4. “Hunting High And Low”
5. “I’ve Been Losing You”
6. “Cry Wolf”
7. “Manhattan Skyline”
8. “The Living Daylights”
9. “Stay On These Roads”
10. “Touchy!”
11. “Crying In The Rain”
12. “Move To Memphis”
13. “Dark Is The Night For All”
14. “Shapes That Go Together”
15. “Summer Moved On”
16. “Minor Earth Major Sky”
17. “Velvet”
18. “Forever Not Yours”
19. “Lifelines”

1. “Take On Me”
2. “Train Of Thought”
3. “Hunting High And Low”
4. “The Blue Sky”
5. “Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale”
6. “The Sun Always Shines On T.V.”
7. “And You Tell Me”
8. “Love Is Reason”
9. “Dream Myself Alive”
10. “Here I Stand And Face The Rain”
Bonus Tracks
11. “Take On Me” – Original 7” Version 1984
12. “The Sun Always Shines On T.V.” – Extended Mix
13. “Train Of Thought” – U.S. Mix
14. “Hunting High And Low” – Extended Remix

Disc 2 – Demos, B-sides & Rarities
1. “Take On Me” - Demo
2. “Train Of Thought” – Demo*
3. “Hunting High And Low – Demo*
4. “The Blue Sky” – Demo
5. “Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale” – Early Version*
6. “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.” – Demo*
7. “And You Tell Me” – Demo
8. “Love Is Reason” – Demo*
9. “I Dream Myself Alive” – Demo*
10. “Here I Stand And Face The Rain” – Demo*
11. “Stop And Make Your Mind Up”
12. “Driftwood”
13. “Dot The I”*
14. “The Love Goodbye”
15. “Nothing To It”*
16. “Go To Sleep”
17. “Monday Mourning”
18. “All The Planes That Come In On The Quiet” *
19. “Never Never”
20. “What’s That You're Doing To Yourself”*
21. “You Have Grown Thoughtful Again”*
22. “Lesson One” – Autumn 1982 “Take One Me” Demo*
23. “Presenting Lily Mars”

1. “Scoundrel Days”
2. “The Swing Of Things”
3. “I’ve Been Losing You”
4. “October”
5. “Manhattan Skyline”
6. “Cry Wolf”
7. “We’re Looking For The Whales”
8. “The Weight Of The Wind”
9. “Maybe, Maybe”
10. “Soft Rains Of April”
Bonus Tracks
11. “I’ve Been Losing You” – Extended Version
12. “Cry Wolf” – Extended Version
13. “Manhattan Skyline” – Extended Version

Disc 2 – Demos, B-sides & Rarities
1. “Scoundrel Days” – Demo*
2. “The Swing Of Things” – Demo #3*
3. “I’ve Been Losing You” – Octocon Studio Demo*
4. “October” – Demo*
5. “Manhattan Skyline” – Demo*
6. “Cry Wolf” – Demo*
7. “We’re Looking For The Whales”– Demo*
8. “The Weight Of The Wind” – Demo*
9. “Maybe, Maybe” – Demo*
10. “Soft Rains Of April” – Guitar Version*
11. “Scoundrel Days” – Octocon Studio Demo*
12. “This Alone Is Love” – Original Version
13. “Days On End” – Demo
14. "Train of Thought” – Live In Croydon*
15. “I’ve Been Losing You” – Live In Croydon *
16. “The Blue Sky” – Live In Croydon*
17. “Looking for The Whales” – Live In Croydon
18. “Cry Wolf” – Live In Croydon*

*previously unissued

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