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15-Song Greatest Hits Collection Boasts Remastered
Sound And Spans The Legendary Rapper's Warner Bros. Years

Rhyme Pays, Power, And Body Count All Set For Vinyl Reissues

Available October 7 From Rhino

LOS ANGELES - Before Ice-T's success acting in film and television made him a formidable prime-time presence, the artist was a major innovative force in hip-hop. Recognized for his vivid lyrics about inner-city violence, the rapper broke out in 1987, earning a gold record with his debut Rhyme Pays , as well as major acclaim for "Colors," the title song he wrote for Dennis Hopper's film about L.A. gangs. Between 1986 and 1991, Ice recorded four albums for Warner Bros. Records, including the West Coast rap classics Power and O.G. Original Gangster as well as the debut album from his highly influential metal band Body Count.

As part of Record Store Day this spring, Rhino paid tribute to the Grammy®-winning Original Gangster with a new Greatest Hits collection offered exclusively on vinyl. An expanded version of that collection is coming this fall. GREATEST HITS will be available on October 7 at retail outlets for $11.98 on CD and $9.99 digitally. On the same day, the studio albums Rhyme Pays and Power, as well as Body Count's eponymous debut, will be reissued on vinyl for $19.98 each.

GREATEST HITS includes 15 remastered tracks on CD drawn almost entirely from his four studio albums: Rhyme Pays (1987), Power (1988), The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say (1989), and O. G. Original Gangster (1991).

The collection begins with "6 'n The Mornin'," the song that helped get Ice-T signed to a major label in 1986. The rest of the album is packed with fan favorites like, "I'm Your Pusher," "You Played Yourself," "Body Count" and "New Jack Hustler (Nino's Theme)" a song that earned Ice-T a Grammy nomination in 1992. In addition to album cuts, GREATEST HITS also features two songs selected from film soundtracks: "Colors" and "Ricochet," the title song to the 1992 crime-thriller that featured Ice-T acting alongside Denzel Washington.

Greatest Hits
Track Listing

1. "6 'n The Mornin'"
2. "Make It Funky"
3. "Somebody Gotta Do It (Pimpin' Ain't Easy!!!)"
4. "I'm Your Pusher"
5. "High Rollers"
6. "Power"
7. "Lethal Weapon"
8. "The Girl Tried To Kill Me"
9. "You Played Yourself"
10. "O.G. Original Gangster"
11. "Mind Over Matter"
12. "Body Count"
13. "New Jack Hustler (Nino's Theme)"
14. "Colors"
15. "Ricochet"

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Ice-T - Rhyme Pays
Ice-T - Power
Body Count - Body Count

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