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LOS ANGELES - Rhino will help celebrate the musical legacy of legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker next month when it releases BORN TO BE BLUE: MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE. The music is featured in the upcoming film about Baker that stars Ethan Hawke, who sings lead vocals on two of the songs.

The collection includes 14 tracks with liner notes written by Grammy® award winning writer Rob Bowman and will be released on CD ($18.98) and digitally ($9.99) on March 18 - a week before the U.S. release of the film.

In the film, Hawke stars in the role of Chet Baker in a remarkably creative reimagining of the singer-trumpeter's struggle to overcome his demons and stage a comeback in the late 60's. Hawke says, "I always imagine if you laid down in your room and put on a Chet Baker record, this is the movie that you would imagine. It's true to the spirit of what he is."

The soundtrack highlights a number of standards made famous by Baker, newly recorded and performed by a jazz combo assembled by Canadian pianist/composer David Braid that features Kevin Turcotte on trumpet. Director Robert Budreau explains: "We decided early on not to use any master recordings from Chet Baker because I wanted Ethan to do all his own singing and we needed to tailor the arrangements for the narrative since the film re-imagines Chet's life in the late 60s when he was mounting a musical comeback."

BORN TO BE BLUE: MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE features Braid's ensemble performing several timeless classics that were staples in Baker's catalog, including "Over The Rainbow," "A Small Hotel" and "My Funny Valentine," which is the first of two songs that feature Hawke on vocals. The other is "I've Never Been In Love Before," which is used as part of the film's emotional climax.

In addition to the newly recorded tracks the soundtrack features original recordings by Charles Mingus ("Haitian Fight Song") and Odetta ("Go Down Sunshine"). The film is written and directed by Robert Budreau, produced by Jennifer Jonas, Leonard Farlinger, Robert Budreau and Jake Seal. Born to Be Blue stars Ethan Hawke, Carmen Ejogo and Callum Keith Rennie and will be released at the end of March.


Track Listing:

1. "My Funny Valentine" - Ethan Hawke With The David Braid Quartet
2. "Over The Rainbow" - David Braid
3. "Let's Get Lost" - David Braid
4. "Ko-Opt" - David Braid
5. "Could Have Been" - David Braid & Strings
6. "I've Never Been In Love Before" - Ethan Hawke With The David Braid Quartet
7. "Once Away" - David Braid & Strings
8. "Blue Room" - David Braid
9. "Haitian Fight Song" - Charles Mingus
10. "Bowling Alley Boogie" - David Braid
11. "Go Down Sunshine" - Odetta
12. "Tequila Earworm" - David Braid
13. "A Small Hotel" - David Braid
14. "Born To Be Blue" - David Braid

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