Alphaville Forever Young Super Deluxe Limited Edition Available March 15

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Available As 3CD / DVD / LP Super Deluxe Limited Edition On March 15

LOS ANGELES - The world of pop music changed forever on January 12, 1984. It was the day when Alphaville released their debut single "Big In Japan," the first giant step on the band's way to global stardom. The song not only shot straight to #1 on the charts in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the Billboard Dance Chart, but also effortlessly dominated the Top 10 in the UK and many other countries across the globe. It was just the beginning of a much bigger adventure! After their globally successful first single, Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd and Frank Mertens recorded their debut album Forever Young that enjoys international popularity to this day.

FOREVER YOUNG (SUPER DELUXE) will be released on March 15, comprising of three CDs, one DVD and vinyl ($74.98) and features the first-ever remastered version of the album. The release will also be available digitally on the same day and is available for pre-order by going here.

Even before the album was released, the band unveiled their second single "Sounds Like A Melody" that topped the charts in Sweden yet again and reached the Top 10 in several European countries. The title track "Forever Young" was released along with the album on September 27, 1984. Since then the track has become one of the greatest pop anthems of all time. It will be hard to name another track that has been covered as frequently across all genres (by Imagine Dragons, rapper Jay-Z or Kim Wilde) or included as often in movies and TV series. The Forever Young album hit the Top 20 in six European countries, went triple Gold in Germany and was awarded a Swedish Rockbjörnen as "best foreign album".

Alphaville vocalist Marian Gold says, "My musical career actually kicked off with a kicking out. When 'Big in Japan' had been released and stormed the charts all over Europe in the blink of an eye I was still busy in this restaurant kitchen in Münster peeling potatoes. And the cook said: 'Boy, they're playing your song on the radio every hour.' And then he threw me out."
FOREVER YOUNG (SUPER DELUXE) comes equipped with a high-quality remastered version of the album and lots of additional material. CD 1 features the remastered original album, including "Big in Japan," "Sounds Like A Melody" and "Forever Young." CD 2 presents the original single versions, B-sides and 12" singles. CD 3 contains 16 rare demos and alternative versions as well as some of Alphaville's early compositions in German language. The DVD features the 60-minute documentary "Never Grow Up - The Story of Forever Young," including current interviews with Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd and the original album producers Colin Pearson and Wolfgang Loos among others, as well as the original music videos to "Forever Young," "Big In Japan," "The Jet Set" and "Sounds Like a Melody."

The package is topped off by a 24-page, vinyl-sized booklet, created by the art director of the original album in close collaboration with the band itself, containing numerous rare and previously unreleased photos, liner notes, quotes and production notes by the band, its former A&R and the producers.

"Producing the 'Forever Young' album back in the day was quite an adventure that brought about amazing results. We focused mainly on the vinyl album, seeing as CD mastering in 1984 was not yet as advanced. Luckily, I was able to dig up all of the original analogue master tapes that we had actually only recorded to be on the safe side. The newly mastered version of the album has a much warmer, rounder and more transparent sound, just as we had imagined back in the day," says Bernhard Lloyd.

For the occasion of the band's 35th anniversary, Alphaville will be touring Germany from March 15th through April 10th, 2019.


Forever Young

Super Deluxe (LP/DVD/3CD)

CD1 & LP
Original Album Remastered

1.    "A Victory Of Love (Remaster)"
2.    "Summer In Berlin (Remaster)"
3.    "Big In Japan (Remaster)"
4.    "To Germany With Love (Remaster)"
5.    "Fallen Angel (Remaster)"
6.    "Forever Young (Remaster)"
7.    "In The Mood (Remaster)"
8.    "Sounds Like A Melody (Remaster)"
9.    "Lies (Remaster)"
10.  "The Jet Set (Remaster)"

Original Singles, B-Sides, 12" Versions

1.    "Big In Japan (Single Version) [Remaster]"
2.    "Seeds [Remaster]"
3.    "Sounds Like A Melody (Single Version) [Remaster]"
4.    "The Nelson Highrise Sector 1-The Elevator (Single Version) [Remaster]"
5.    "Forever Young (Version Rapide) [Remaster]"
6.    "Welcome To The Sun [Remaster]"
7.    "The Jet Set (Single Remix) [Remaster]"
8.    "Golden Feeling [Remaster]"
9.    "Big In Japan (Extended Remix) [Remaster]"
10.  "Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version) [Remaster]"
11.  "The Nelson Highrise Sector 1-The Elevator [Remaster]"
12.  "Forever Young (Special Extended Dance Mix) [Remaster]"
13.  "The Jet Set (Jellybean Mix) [Remaster]"
14.  "Big In Japan (Extended Instrumental) [Remaster]"
15.  "The Jet Set (Dub Mix) [Remaster]"

Demo Versions

1.    "A Victory Of Love (Demo Remix) [Remaster]"
2.    "Summer In Berlin (Original Demo) [Remaster]"
3.    "Big In Japan (Demo Remix) [Remaster]"
4.    "To Germany With Love (Original Demo) [Remaster]"
5.    "Fallen Angel (Demo Remix) [Remaster]"
6.    "Forever Young (Demo Remix) [Remaster]"
7.    "In The Mood (Demo Remix) [Remaster]"
8.    "Sounds Like A Melody (Original Demo) [Remaster]"
9.    "Lies (Original Demo) [Remaster]"
10.  "The Jet Set (Original Demo) [Remaster]"
11.  "Leben Ohne Ende/Seeds (Original Demo) [Remaster]"
12.  "Traumtänzer (Original Demo) [Remaster]"
13.  "Blauer Engel (Original Demo) [Remaster]"
14.  "Romance (Demo Sketch) [Remaster]"
15.  "Colours (Instrumental)  [Remaster]"
16.  "Into The Dark (Demo Remix) [Remaster]"

New 60-minute documentary "Never Grow Up - The Story Of Forever Young," featuring new interviews with Marian Gold and Bernhard Lloyd (Alphaville), Wolfgang Loos and Colin Pearson (the album producers) as well as the designer of the original album artwork.

Original music videos: "Forever Young", "Big In Japan," "The Jet Set & Sounds Like A Melody"

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