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Quadraphonic AlbumsAvailable For The First Time In 50 Years


Average White Band’s Self-Titled, Gil Evans’ Svengali

Randy Newman’s Good Old Boys, WAR’s The World Is A Ghetto


All Titles Issued On Blu-ray With Quadraphonic And Hi-Res Stereo


LOS ANGELES – Today, Rhino releases another set of high-quality quadraphonic releases, back in circulation after nearly 50 years; this next set features Average White Band’s Self-Titled (1974), Gil Evans’ Svengali (1973), Randy Newman’s Good Old Boys (1974) and WAR’s The World Is A Ghetto (1972). 

Available now, each title makes its Blu-ray debut with both a quadraphonic and 192/24 stereo mix. Currently exclusive to Rhino.com, with limited quantities at Warner stores internationally, each title retails for $24.98, with a bundle of all four available for $79.98. Fans can also mix and match any four Quadio titles from the series for $78.98.

Quadraphonic sound, or 4.0 surround sound, utilizes four audio channels connected to four speakers positioned at the corners of a listening space. The ​multi-tracked ​audio is mixed dimensional, immersing the listener in an expansive soundscape. 

Steve Woolard, Director of A&R for the Quadio series, states, “It’s been exciting to see the overwhelmingly positive reception with the relaunch of the Quadio series. These are transferred from the original half-inch four-channel masters at 192/24 resolution and sound amazing. Considering they’ve been in the vault for 50 years, the tapes were in pristine condition and needed no tweaks or fixes. They sound as fresh, rich, and powerful as the day they were created. And, of course, there’s also a 192/24 stereo program from the two-track master as well. Just because.” 

Scottish funk group Average White Band’s self-titled sophomore album dominated the charts after its 1974 release, with the hit track “Pick Up the Pieces” peaking at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Gil Evans, renowned jazz composer and arranger, released his live orchestral jazz album Svengali in 1973, featuring a star-studded lineup of jazz musicians, including Ted Dunbar, Howard Johnson, David Sanborn, Hannibal Marvin Peterson, and more.

Randy Newman's concept album Good Old Boys explored the social and economic issues of the Deep South and found commercial success, peaking at No. 36 on the Billboard 200 and featuring the tracks “Louisiana 1927” and “Every Man a King.” The 1973 Billboard Album of the Year, WAR’s The World Is A Ghetto, saw the group leaning towards a progressive soul and jazz sound. The record housed the gold-certified tracks “The Cisco Kid” and “The World Is A Ghetto.”

Rhino’s Quadio series will continue to dig deep into Warner’s archives to reintroduce the greatest hits from Rock, Blues, R&B, and more in their highly anticipated quadraphonic sound. Audiophiles can expect more amazing quadraphonic experiences from Rhino in the future.